Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Grady Kids Visit!

About a month ago my cousins came to visit from San Diego.  I wasn't able to go many places with them because both of our cars only seat five.  But that's okay because Mom and Dad took lots of pictures! Here are some of the highlights from their trip.

When the kids got off the plane they were starving! So, they voted on pizza. We stopped at Gatti Town, somewhere we had never been before. Not only is it a very large pizza, pasta, and salad buffet, but there were also many games to play. But best of all was the bumper cars! It looks like they had a blast bumping into each other.

Then they came home and we stayed up playing until midnight! This is really my room but I shared the bed with them.


These pictures were taken while Mom and the kids were making the small hike down to Hamilton Pool. The kids had fun going off the trail to get close to the creek that you follow to get to the pool.

This is what it looks like when you get to the clearing where the pool is located. Gabbi wanted her picture taken in front of the waterfall.

The first thing the kids wanted to do was explore the cave behind the waterfall.

I think the water was a little colder than the kids liked, but that didn't stop them from swimming!

Later that same day they all went to Barton Springs Pool and Gavin would not get off of that diving board!

The Capital Building!


And After!

Travis and the kids went way high up in the dome of the building.

Texas BBQ!

This was the first time that the kids had ever eaten real, Texas BBQ so Mom and Dad took them to one of their favorite spots close by, Rudy's.

After filling up on BBQ they all drove up to north Austin to play some games at Main Event. I think that was the kids' favorite part of the whole trip because they got to play mini golf, go bowling, and rock climbing all in one place, in one night!    

Not only was it indoor miniature golf, but it was glow in the dark!

The kids did a great job climbing and they even got Travis to do it!

It was so much fun having my cousins here! I'm going to miss them, but I hope to have more visitors soon! 

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  1. It looks like the kids had so much fun! Great blog kel and Trav!!!